We met "Daniele" at Pub Amsterdam in Portici, a town near Naples, when the circus was performing nearby. He and another waiter promptly befriended us, with one or the other, and sometimes both, showing Kathleen around their city, guiding her through nearby archeological sites, and visiting us in the circus. Both friends were present in early versions of the manuscript, but they were so closely intertwined that readers were continuously confused about who was whom, so the decision was made to exclude the one who had less impact on the stories included in the final version of the book. The name "Daniele" was chosen in honor of Pino Daniele, a beloved Neapolitan singer/songwriter.


Franco, the friend who is not included in the book, was the one who initially approached Kathleen and Stefano in the pub and started a conversation. As he had traveled to Thailand and lived abroad in England, he spoke some English and was able to better communicate with Kathleen while she was learning Italian. Franco is an avid photographer who has lived in the Naples area for most of his life. He currently lives in the countryside near Naples with his wife and children and coaches youth soccer.


"Daniele," the friend who is depicted in the book, also still lives near Naples. Although he works in the judicial system, he continues to create visual art as well as compose and perform operas.


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